SEHNZHEN PAVAREAL INTERNATIONAL ELECTRONICS CO., LTD. was formerly known as a team which engaged in researching, developing, and manufacturing mobile phone accessories. It serve mainly for customers in European and American markets. It has been committed to providing solution to tackle the problems of power in electronic and digital products since 2007. All products are researched, developed and manufactured to conform to European and American safety standards. We provide products that far beyond safety standards for customers. At the same time, China’s domestic phone accessories market is in disorder and flooded with products in different levels of quality. Under this circumstance, Shenzhen YUN DIAN TONG DA International Electronics Co., LTD was established in 2016. The team built a brand named PAVAREAL with a sense of responsibility to improve the quality of domestic phone accessories, providing products that is in line with the European and American safety standards for customers.

PAVAREAL focus on researching and developing digital peripheral products, high-end smart Bluetooth headset, wired earphone, USB data cables for high-end smart phones, and products that are associated with mobile power banks. Its multiple products has been acquired international standard certifications.Each of its products are elaborately designed and produced. Superior quality is PAVAREAL’s eternal pursuit.